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Our Services

We, at Sam Vision, are dedicated to bring you world-class service by equipping ourselves with the latest technologies in the eye care testing, treatment and diagnosis devices of the eye care industry. Eye sight testing and eye examination are not in our list of health checkup priorities, even though we know our eyes have a profound impact on our daily lives, due to the fact that the wrong assumptions that eyes don’t get sick. Carelessness for our eyes could even cost us our very precious sight.

Eye Sight Testing

Our experienced optometrists are readily available for your eye examination with the latest technology computerized eye sight...

Eye Screening

We also provide unprecedented eye screening for students (aged 4-19) at their schools using our most advanced mobile Spot Vision.....

Eye Glass Prescription

We fabricate your eye glasses using the industry’s most advanced technological equipment.

Treatment of Eye Disorders

We treat each and every eye disorder, whether it is major or minor. Under this service, we provide...

Eye Examination

This medical service is provided by (DR)/ ophthalmologist that are ready to give eye examination if there is any further treatment required.

Once you receive in return our confirmation no., you are registered for free screening package
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Address: Meskel flower in front of dream liner hotel, Jems Bldg, 4th floor
ነፃ የዓይን ምርመራ የእይታ ስክሪን ፕሮግራም ተጠቃሚ ይሁኑ

About Us

Sam Vision Specialized Eye Clinic and Optical Works, a private limited company, is the leading manufacturer and supplier of prescription eye glasses to optic retail shops & special eye clinics throughout Ethiopia. Our specialized eye clinic, one of the few in the country, is equipped with state of the art eye care medical equipment and an in-house production site coupled with experienced ophthalmologists, located at Sarbet, St. Bisrate Gabriel Church Area. Since inception, we have expanded our reach with four branches in Addis Ababa.